Friday, 27 August 2010

Spiritual | Hijab and what it means to a few Muslim women

Recently I had an online convo with a few sisters on the Pearl Daisy fan page, sister Naz asked 2 simple questions.
The conversation lasted a very long time and there were like 31 comments so I have tried to condense that down to one post and include the answers to the 2 questions below. The conversation is a wonderful example of the online sisterhood, it demonstrates what real Muslimah's are like. Their ups, downs and random crazy moments lol. It took me forever to try and make the comments easy for someone who wasn't part of the conversation to understand as our spelling, grammer (and basic actual making sense) went out of the window as the convo progressed so I apologise for any mistakes in these things you might come across. All that's left to say is enjoy and I hope after reading this you get a little bit more of an understanding of what it's like being a Muslimah in this day and age inshaAllah. As always I love reading any comments so make sure you leave a comment on your thoughts of the discussion below jzk and Salaam xxx!

1) What's your favorite Hijaab experience?
2) What's the thing you've found most difficult, if any, since adorning the hijaab?

"My fav hijaab experience has to be the respect from brothers, you can really see a difference in the way they speak to (acknowledge) a hijabi as opposed to a non-hijabi (my own exp's). The thing I've found most difficult is comments from some people. To be honest I don't care what anyone says or thinks I'm not alive to impress anyone except Allah swt. I love being a muslimah because it opens up this whole new world and people that you don't even know (they may be on the other side of the world and have a totally different background to you) feel like sisters to you. This whole sisterhood thing is amazing aH, I think that's one of the things that differentiates Islam from any other religion, it's what makes Islam so beautiful."
 Another sisters replied:
"Personally I found it's always a good talking point to people who are curious as to why one wear's hijaab and why one would even cover up! It's always a good opener for more dawah inshaAllah!"
Nazz- "So long as you know in your heart your doing it for Allah your deen and your akhira, thats all that counts. To be honest, It's only been a matter of two weeks since Iv'e started, maybe it's too early to comment. I understand about your comment about brothers, that's definately improved. I don't have to steal looks or have to be shy whilst having my hair out doing the opposite. It's made it easier for me to pick up my son from the mosque. I feel more comfortable in saying things like mashaAllah and inshaAllah. AND I love the loving way in which my hubby looked at me today in hijab, he was pleasantly surprised, InshaAllah it'll make us closer and better as a couple. I'm hoping to lure him outta putting his ear studs in iA!- Bad, nothing yet, maybe a few family members taking the lim here and there, nothing I can't handle."
Shaheen- My fav experiences are being recognised as a Muslimah. I don't think there's any better feeling than representing the Ummah out there. I love when people will randomly stop  you in the street and say salaam to you, makes me smile everytime. Since Ramadhan I get customers (I work in retail atm) start converstaions on their fasting!! Most difficult for me has to be tolerating the heat, it's so difficult. I totally agree about the more respect from brothers part, it's so true. Black scarves as part of a uniform is torture! lol, but I feel more beautiful in hijab than I've ever felt before. I'm so glad that Pearl Daisy exists, because it's so important to have wonderful sisters around you, especially when your new to hijab aswell! And sister Nazz I'm sure your husband must be thinking Wow mashaAllah aint I a lucky man! lol"
Nazz- I hope he does too! Actually that's something I was saying to him earlier. I feel so much more feminine and better, wholesome than when I was spending hours trying to put make up on and sort my HAIR out. No more stressing, GOOD TIMES!!
Sister Kay- "Salaam sisters! Congrats on everyone who recently converted or started wearing hijab! I really hope Allah SWT makes its as easy as possible for you- one thing is for sure, you'll never want to take it off now :) The highlights of my hijab so far are random hugs and salaam in public from people I do not know, truly an amazing feeling and simply when people say 'that scarf is nice' or 'you look nice in hijab' helps a new muslim to gain confidence. The hardships have been my family, and the comments, very cruel and hurtful. Also working in hijab is unbearable, but Alhamdulillah I have never taken it off in these hard times. Being recognised as a Muslimah is the happiest feeling for me because without my hijab I'm just another white girl on the street for men to look at. Happy Ramadan everyone xx"
Shaheen- Comments may affect you at first but for me it just made me so much more determined in keeping the hijab on because I found that people I thought were my friends, in fact weren't (people that I considered best friends) It was difficult but one thing for sure is that you will definately learn who your real friends are. mashaAllah for your determination in hijab. Lol I can afford to SLEEP more rather than get up and make myself look human instead! lol and you really feel more like a woman. Your hubby will feel special I bet because he's the only brother out there that gets to see your entire beauty and so he should be! :)
Rachel Wiggins- "My experience with wearing hijab for the past 3 months has been great. I get more respect from men, even non muslim men too. They hold the door open for me and are generally nicer. Random people who I don't even know (hijaabi's that is) come up to me and talk and give hugs."
Shaheen- Everything you guys say I feel I can relate to and it would be lovely to get to know you all better, it's just nice knowing that you have people out there that are real if you get what I'm trying to say, lol I think I'm getting overwhelmed and confusing my words...someone pass the tissues!"
Nazz -" I think he'd rather not see the rest of my body =P in dire need of a better diet!! I think this opens our eyes to the Ummah being united, in this stance us females are a force not to be reckoned with iA. InshaAllah we will serve our purpose to Allah swt and our deen and do so beautifully within the limits of hijaab. May Allah fill His Ummah's hearts with His noor, May His noor show on our faces, in our hearts and our actions. We should have love for our Ummah, and through this medium we shall unite as sisters iA. I was nervous about joining so many groups on FB but this group has to be THEEE most easiest one and most loving! I only came up with these questions today to try and get the group focussed on anything other than about the website, it must really be nerve racking for sis Amena, bless her. InshaAllah when the site is up. Until then, you ladies have REALLY cheered me up and helped me to see that hijab is beautful yet sometimes so hard to exercise, but it comes down to belief and will power!"
Shaheen- Nazz sis pshtttt you would say that about yourself, I mean we may be muslimahs but we are still women aka always thinking we're fat! (don't even get me started) lol but on a serious note, generally sisters are really warm and welcoming and lovely to speak to, like you guys! You ofetn build a misconception in your mind that if you don't wear hijab you won't fit in with other sisters, so your nervous to approach say, the ISOC at Uni because I know I found that intimidating, but when I started covering I was still nervous that I wont fit in still because I'm new and maybe they wont accept me BUT err nopes lol it's the easiest way to make really good friends with things like this. Did I make any sense at all?! Excuse me if I'm talking a load of nonsense I blame it on lack of sleep! lol."
Amina- Reading this thread has been so amazing. It makes me think of how the West portray us as oppressed. Psshht Please. It's so wonderfully liberating to be a woman in Islam and even more so as a hijaabi, contrary to popular belief. MashaAllah what a beautiful religion to be a part of.


    1. MashAllah Sisters...... May Almighty bless u all.. ! amen !

    2. I am new to islam, since a week and one day ago, and I honestly think it's the best decision I've ever made in my entire 18 years of life. & wearing the Hijab is beautiful, I will never take it off <3 inshallah

    3. Awww jzk sis kiran may Allah keep you steadfast in this deen also.
      Sister Claudia we welcome you with open arms into this beautiful religion of ours, may Allah bless you and make your journey easy. If there is anything you need, even if its just a sister to talk to, I, and I'm sure all the sisters reading this are here for you and willing to do what we can to help inshaAllah (=

      With love from your sister in Islam xxx

      p.s if you would like to share your revert story with me and those following the iHijabi blog let me know iA I'd very much appreciate it and I'm sure all the sisters would love to read it aswell iA.