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Muslimah at University

I'm about to start my second year of Uni in September inshaAllah and unlike this time last year I'm actually looking forward to it. I remember the nerves and worries of not knowing anyone, thinking I was going to be the only hijabi on my course, worrying that I won't be able to adapt etc. However, a whole year has flown by and I'm pleased to say it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I have met so many amazing people at uni, Muslim and non- Muslim, hijabi and non-hijabi all of these people have made me feel so welcome at uni and made the transition a lot easier Alhamdulillah. Advice I would give to all you sisters worried about going to Uni is to just remember that everyone's in the same boat, so however your feeling its very likely that the majority of the people around you are feeling the same way. On the first couple of days try to speak to and get to know everybody in your lectures and make as many friends as possible. Go to your Uni's fresh

I Took My Driving Test!

Salaam all, I recently took my practical driving test and I thought I would share my thoughts and feelings of that day with you inshaAllah. On Wednesday the 18th I had my driving test. I had practiced all  I could and now the rest was down to Allah swt. I tried to keep myself calm by telling myself that whatever happens it is Allah's will and if I don't pass then maybe this time I wasn't supposed to. As I stood for Taraweeh that night my heart was pounding as I asked Allah to keep me safe on the road and also for me to pass. After praying I felt a lot calmer and soon enough fell asleep. Woke up for Suhoor, prayed Fajr and tried to go back to sleep. All I could think about was how much I wanted to pass, not because I really want to drive or anything, but just because taking lessons was taking up a lot of my time and money that I could spend on other things. As well as taking up my parents time and my uncle's. I got a couple of hours of sleep and woke up bright and

Review | Translation of the meaning of the Quran

This is the front cover of the English translation of the meaning of the Quran that I read. It has been translated by 'Muhammad Farooq-i-Azam Malik' and the publisher is 'The Institute of Islamic Knowledge.' I came across a copy of this book in the prayer room at the hospital I do my placement in, while I was on a break I read a few surah's and absolutely fell in love with it. The reason I really like this version is because It's really easy to understand and read (none of that old English). It gives you the setting and situation of the time when each surah was revealed and explains the meaning of translation of each surah too. There is a short biography on the Prophets life, different themes in the Quran and a section where each surah is broken down into the main points made in that surah. At the back of it there is a HUGE index of different subjects and the pages in which the Quran talks about these issues. There is a bit about the history of the Qur

My 2010 top 5 beauty/skincare must have's

These are my top 5 beauty must have's.  in no particular order: - Garnier Pure 3 in 1 wash, scrub and mask- this is the best face wash I have found especially for my skin. I have recommended it to lots of friends because I think it really works. Before I started using this I had lots of spots, but since using it I have found that my skin has really cleared up. I use this once a day first thing in the morning as a normal face wash. You can also use this as a 3 minute face mask once a week and its also ok for black heads if you have them. If you've been looking for an everyday face wash try this one and let me know how it is for you. -Simple light hydrating moisturiser-  My skin gets really oily and looks horrible if I use any other cream other than this. Simple's light hydrating moisturiser doesn't feel oily once you've used it but does leave your skin feeling moisturised. If your skin is oil prone then give this moisturiser a go. - Maybelline loose mineral