Sunday, 21 November 2010

Review | Lawung- Islamic Designer Fashion for Men

Here are a few of my favourite designs from their menswear and children's wear range.

Price: £55

This design is a combination between a traditional thaub and jumper. The charcoal colour and the design gives this thaub a smart/casual look.

Price: £55

You won't find many thaubs in this colour. The jumper style sleeves look comfortable and practical.


Price: £50

The military jacket style buttons on this thaub really set it apart from other thaubs you may have seen before

 Price: £36.99

The more traditional Saudi style thaub with a twist, the design on the neckline of this thaub gives it class.

 Price: £39.99

Similar neck design as the white one above but with a printed fabric on the inner layer.

Price: £49.99

This item features sincere attention to the 'small details' of the Thobe providing it with a unique and refreshing image.
The garment features side packets, loose yet made to measure style tailored fit for a smart-causal appearance.
The quality of this garment is guaranteed, and it is manufactured using premium poly cotton and Scottish wool.


Price: £36.99

Another simple and smart design with zips and pockets to incorporate that western style. [Also available in children's sizes]

Price: £50.00

This product is manufactured utilising premium cotton, it specialises with hidden inserts consisting of high quality wool manufactured from Scotland and Acrylic which defines strength and gives it a more comfortable fit making it a 'one of a kind' within the fields of islamic fashion
This muslim garment has been specially treated for maximum comfort. All materials used have been tested in highly sophisticated UK laboratories to ensure perfect satisfaction.


 Price: £40.00

This product is manufactured utilising premium cotton, provides you with an exclusive design that entails a mix of two similar colours. It offers you a look that has never been seen before in previous islamic fashion couture.  

Price: £50.00

Super smart and great for formal wear. I'm not too keen on this colour as personally I think it looks a bit too feminine, but never the less a great design. 

Price: £49.99

'Come rain or shine thaub' this innovative design includes a detachable hood and looks good both with and without the hood. Great for British weather I say!

 Price: £40.00

Love this design. Has an attached stripy snood scarf, definitely something different but a good different and very stylish. [for some reason when I saw this it reminded me of 'where's wally?' lol] 

Price: £49.99

Never trial and tested within the Islamic market ever before, Lawung have created shimaag (you know the palestinian arab scarf) attached thaub, this item is one of a kind (patent pending)
The cloth has a unique shimmer effect and is manufactured utilising premium poly cotton fabric.

Price: £40.00

Smart yet casual white thaub. The material looks comfortable and easy to maintain. It's a thaub collection must have just because of its formal simplicity. 

 Price: £35.00

Another simple white thaub. Suitable for winter due to jumper style collar and cuff. Comfy and practical.

 Price: £40.00

Smart and functional day wear. Contrasting colours and asymmetric pattern on pockets. 

[not available in kids size yet, but is available in adult size]

Adoooorable outfit for a young child, although its not available yet I really hope its available soon because this thaub will definitely make your little one look soooo cute. [MashaAllah to the kid in the picture]

Price: Starts at £29.99

Another adorable design with a hood, practical and brilliant quality. 

Price: Starts from £29.00

Two brilliant designs. Which child wouldn't want to wear one of these? Will keep them warm but not overheated due to the quality of the fabric 

Price: Starts from £35.00

The simple white thaub for children with the lawung brand on the sleeve. Probably not best if he's a messy one. 

I first heard of Lawung at the GPU in 2008. I was really amazed by their designer thaubs (traditional Islamic long garment for men). They combine western fashion with Islamic clothing, appealing to the young Muslim generation born and brought up in the west as well as reverts, (confession: if I were a guy I would wear them).

This 3id I ordered a thaub for my little brother who is 7, although the thaub was of really good quality, again I came across one of Lawung's biggest problems...their sizing. I returned the thaub (paying for postage and packaging again) because the size I brought (ages 6-8) was far too small [and my brother is and average height for a 7 year old.] What I was looking for on their website was a size guide or even just a chart showing the length of each thaub in correspondence with its size. I would recommend the owners f Lawung to sort out their sizes and put up a guide on their site, as this is the only reason I would refrain from buying again.

However, I would like to applaud Lawung on their customer service (I got an almost instant reply to my e-mail). They always replied to my e-mail and refunded me for the product as soon as they received it (I decided not to exchange it as I wouldn't get it in time for 3id). So overall a 10/10 for customer service.

Another problem I came across is the availability of stock. I saw ones that I really liked but couldn't get them because they either weren't in stock altogether or the sizes I wanted weren't in stock. So if you do decide to order from Lawung keep that in mind.

The prices are quite reasonable for the quality of the garments and if you're ordering from the UK the delivery is quite speedy (not too sure about delivery from outside UK).

I love this brand just for the fact that they are making it easy to bring Islamic fashion into people's everyday lives. These thaubs can be worn in the office, out shopping, on special occasions, to dinner or just around the house.

While Muslim women rep the deen by walking out in hijab everyday, lawung brings the opportunity to Men to do the same. So what's stopping you? Hijab is modesty and modesty isn't just for the women.

"Say to
              the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their
              modesty...And say to the believing women that they should lower their
              gaze and guard their modesty;
...[Quran- Chapter 24, verses 30-31]

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Charity Week - An Elegant Masquerade

On the 2nd of November 'City University London' held its charity dinner as part of charity week, to raise money for orphans and needy children. It was an amazing evening full of wonderful food, company and entertainment. The sisters only event was held at Maida restaurant in bethnal green. We had our own room away from the public which meant the sisters could let their hair down and enjoy themselves whilst raising money for a worthy cause.

Here are a few pictures from the evening

The dress code was elegant masquerade, a fab excuse to dress up and feel like a princess for the evening. Although I've always wanted to wear a mask I didn't the chance to go and get one, however, a few people did wear a mask and looked great.

 For the event I wore a blue abaya made by my cousin
so thank you cousin =P
My cousin  brought one of her canvases with her and we auctioned off all three canvases for £100. All the money went to Islamic relief.

Two of the sisters at the event sang Zain Bikha's 'Orphan child' nasheed beautifully mashaAllah I even had tears in my eyes. There was a cilla black style 'blind date' performance which made me laugh so much my jaw started hurting ...to all the sisters that took part, well done MashaAllah!

Everyone looked stunning mashaAllah and the event was a brilliant success Alhamdulillah.

I'd like to thank all the sisters who organised this event, I had the most amazing time and met some lovely people. Well done for persevering and not giving up even when the student union wasn't very helpful.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Hijab Styling | Winter Hijab

Winter is perfect for us hijabi's, you can layer your clothes and your hijab. People wear more clothes not less and you don't keep getting asked 'Don't you feel hot in that?' This easy peasy volume hijab style is great to keep you warm but looking cool.

For this style you will need:

  •  1 Scarf which has a big width;
  • At least 1 hijab pin;
  • 1 brooch or no snag hijab pin (optional).
Step 1

Fold the scarf 2 inches from the edge and place the hijab on your head with one side longer than the other

(an underscarf keeps the hijab more secure but you can do this style without it if you feel your going to get too hot)

Frame your face.

Step 2

Take the long side to the opposite side of your face and over your head.

Step 3

Whilst taking the scarf over your head make some folds. (Don't try to make it neat and all the folds the same size. It's supposed to be messy folds)

Step 4

Keep hold of the folds and bring them round your head and back to where you started.

Step 5

Lift up the outermost fold and keep the rest pressed down firmly against your head.

Step 6

Pin down the folds, where you were holding them down to keep them secure.

Step 7

If you want to keep your hijab very secure (e.g. on a windy day) place a brooch or a no snag hijab pin where the loose parts of your scarf come together at the front.

Step 8

Make sure you check the back of your hijab as you may have created too many folds and therefore not get proper back coverage.

If you realise that you don't have enough back coverage undo one or two folds and pull the back of the scarf down.

Step 9

Check how your hijab looks in the mirror. Even though I said the folds are supposed to be messy, you don't want to look like you got dressed in the dark so just fix up the scarf until your satisfied.

Step 10

Put on your cardigan, hoodie, winter coat or whatever you wear to keep you warm and your ready to face the freezing cold winter with a smile.

The style is even great for indoors (if your not wearing an underscarf). You can loosen the scarf a little bit (without exposing your neck) to get some ventilation.

NOTE: Try not to tie your bun/hair up too high as although you want volume and folds, you definitely do not want a camel hump.